Sugar Inc. has quite a few job openings in San Francisco, CA right now, and a number of them look like they might be of interest to new college grads.

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Sugar certainly doesn’t have the cleanest reputation. It’s accused of making us fat, rotting our teeth, and causing hyperactivity. Sugar Inc. is a company that wants you to throw out those bad associations you have with sugar and just think back to when you were a kid and sugar was the essence of everything good. Sugar Inc. isn’t in the business of sweets – they run a network of websites, but their CEO is named Brian Sugar and his wife Lisa Sugar is the Editor in Chief, so they’re running with the sweet play on words. Sugar Inc. consists of 15 style/entertainment sites – PopSugar, BuzzSugar, FabSugar, BellaSugar, CasaSugar, YumSugar, FitSugar, Geek Sugar, GiggleSugar, DearSugar, PetSugar, LilSugar, SavvySugar, CitizenSugar, and TeamSugar. You can probably guess from the names what topic each of the sites covers, but you should probably check a few of the sugars out to get a better sense of Sugar Inc.’s content strategy, which is to be “the definitive online media company for trendsetting, passionate women ages 18-44.”

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There are a lot of blogs and sites for “trendsetting, passionate women ages 18-44,” but not many are part of a network that is said to be bringing in $15 million in revenue this year and doing so well selling ads that they can cancel a sales deal with NBC. Revenue growth often means job growth, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing with Sugar Inc. They have quite a few job openings right now, and a number of them look like they might be of interest to new college grads. Sugar Inc. doesn’t come right out and say that these are entry-level opportunities, but most of the experience requirements are well within the realm of possibility for a new graduate.

All of the job opportunities that we’ve picked out for you at Sugar Inc. are located in San Francisco, CA. Each has a different e-mail address to which you should send your cover letter and resume, so take notice. Sugar Inc. is currently looking for a Celebrity Style Editor (, a GiggleSugar Editorial Assistant (, a UI Design Engineer (, a PHP Software Engineer (, and an Executive Assistant/Receptionist ( We haven’t found too much information on what it’s like working for Sugar Inc., but how could working at an Internet company that is making money and covering a wide range of interesting topics not be fun?

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