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StoveTeam International is a Eugene, OR non-profit that's making cooking safer in the developing world by helping people produce safe, affordable, fuel-efficient cookstoves.

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There’s something primally satisfying about cooking over an open fire. Maybe I enjoy it so much because I don’t get to do it very often. For a lot of people across the world, it’s an everyday occurrence–and that’s not a good thing. Did you know that “the most dangerous activity a woman can undertake in the developing world is cooking for her family?” StoveTeam International is a Eugene, OR based non-profit that is trying to make cooking safer by helping to start “self-sustaining businesses [that] produce safe, affordable, fuel-efficient cookstoves to replace dangerous open cooking fires.”

What’s Cooking?

While cooking over an open fire is dangerous for obvious reasons–there are four million burns from cooking fires across the world annually–it’s the smoke that is even more dangerous. It’s responsible for more than 4 million deaths every year, and it also contributes to deforestation and pollution. That’s not to mention how much time is wasted collecting firewood. A stove is a much better option, and here’s why (there’s a video). StoveTeam’s model is really interesting because they not only fix the direct probably of cooking danger with their stoves, but they also fix larger structural problems by helping “local entrepreneurs to start factories using local labor and materials.” You can learn more about these factories here. If you’d like to be a part of this, check out StoveTeam’s Jobs page. Right now they’re looking for a Bilingual (Spanish) Administrative Assistant.

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