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StoreBoard Media is a perfect example of how a simple idea executed properly can become extremely successful. You should work for them.

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StoreBoard Media Logo

Last year we looked at jobs at Charm City Cakes for my birthday, but today we’re going continue with a theme that we focused on yesterday—advertising. More specifically, we’re going to continue looking at advertising that reaches you in places where you might not expect it. Yesterday we talked about billboards and taxi cabs, but today’s company, StoreBoard Media, likes to you reach you via an even less traditional medium. They’re a New York City based company that has exclusive rights to place advertising on security pedestals in many retail stores across the United States. What’s a security pedestal? It’s that thing that beeps when you’re shoplifting—or the clerk forgot to take the tag off of your merchandise. Apparently, it’s a pretty decent place to put advertising. Why else would StoreBoard Media be seeing 1229% three-year growth to $5.2 million in annual revenue?

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What’s most amazing to me about StoreBoard Media is the reach of their advertising network. They deliver over a billion impressions, or ad views, in an average four-week cycle. And they get a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of $2.11. Those are great numbers, and I’m sure they keep growing as more and more retailers realize that they can profit from placing advertising on their security pedestals. StoreBoard Media is a perfect example of how a simple idea executed properly can become extremely successful. Now, StoreBoard Media is a small company and doesn’t have a jobs page, but they are still worth reaching out to. You can find the e-mail address of every employee on their Contact page, so reach out to some people on their leadership team and start a conversation about why you’re interested in this kind of advertising. It could lead in some pretty cool directions.

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