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If you’d been through Found Your Career (our online job search course), you’d know all about what I call the “always looking approach.” It means using your surrounding to generate new job search ideas. One of the best sources for those ideas is advertising. It’s not quite as good as the Inc. 500 (which led me to today’s company), but I love learning about new businesses by flipping through magazines, watching tv, looking at billboards, and browsing Facebook. Show Media is a New York based advertising agency that focuses on reaching people on the move. That means billboards, taxi cabs, events, and more. Most of the growth in advertising to be in areas with easily measurable results, but Show Media is bucking that trend as they’ve grown 1296% over the past three years to $9.2 million in annual revenue.

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Obviously, billboard and taxi advertising isn’t anything new. What is new are things like in-car video, advertising in executive limos, and overtaking music festivals and conventions with targeted branding. This is exactly the kind of stuff that Show Media is doing, and you can read all about it (and watch videos too) on their website. Their clients include Starbucks, Bing, NIKE, DirecTV, and the New York Yankees. Yes, the best franchise in all of sports. Show Media doesn’t actually have an About page, and their Jobs page just includes an e-mail address, but you can get a feel for what kind of opportunities they might have available by looking at their Team page. You could also use LinkedIn to research them a bit. Either way, if you want to get into experiential advertising, then you should check them out and reach out to them at

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