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Sparkpr is a tech focused PR firm that serves big name clients like Bing Travel, Electronic Arts, The Economist, Flickr and more, and they're hiring.

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I get a ton of PR pitches every day (I just got another one while I was writing this). They typically range from very bad to downright terrible, so I either ignore them or send a nasty reply asking the person to remove me from their list. I checked my e-mail archives, and I’ve never received a pitch from anyone at Sparkpr, but my guess based on their reputation is that they’d actually take the time to send me a decent pitch if it was appropriate. They’re a San Francisco, CA PR firm that was started in the late 90s “at the height of the Internet explosion in Silicon Valley.” They’ve maintained their close ties to the tech scene through the ups and downs, and they’ve won a ton of awards along the way.

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You’ll probably recognize the names of some of the companies that Sparkpr has done work for: Bing Travel, Electronic Arts, The Economist, Flickr,, Nielsen, Nokia, NVIDIA, Sony PSP, Skype and Yahoo! (Etsy, Good, Twilio, and Acquia are just a few Sparkpr clients who have also been featured on One Day One Job at some point.) What I really like about Sparkpr’s approach to PR is that they align their program with business objectives. General good PR is fine, but PR is at its best when its targeted at generating a specific outcome. If you’d like the sound of this, check out Sparkpr’s Careers page. Their job postings show Associate and Account Manager positions in both San Francisco, CA and New York, NY. It seems that most people come in at Account Coordinator before landing one of these positions, so you may want to consider using Sparkpr’s general application to reach out instead. (No links because they use Jobvite, and Jobvite doesn’t make it easy to link to job postings.)

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