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Pixie Scientific is a New York, NY based startup that is developing “smart diapers" to identify health issues in young children and older adults.

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I’m torn on the topic of Quantified Self (a movement of people who collect as much data on their lives as possible). Part of me loves taking an analytical, data-based approach to self-improvement, but another part of me thinks that it’s easy to waste a lot of time measuring stuff that isn’t all that important. With that said, I dream of one day owning (or even creating) an analytic toilet that gives you all kinds of information on your overall wellbeing. Pixie Scientific has an interesting take on that idea. They realized that some of the people who have the most sensitive health don’t use toilets, they use diapers, and as a result, the New York, NY based startup is developing “smart diapers.” They look and work like regular disposable diapers, except they provide vital health information to parents and doctors.

The Business of Dirty Diapers

The preliminary version of the Pixie Scientific smart diaper monitors for urinary tract infections, prolonged dehyrdation, and kidney problems. Here’s a video on how it works:

In addition to the baby diapers, Pixie Scientific is also working on Pixie Briefs–adult diapers that screen for the same health issues. I love how they combine the testing strips built into the diapers with smartphone camera technology and QR codes to deliver a really simple user experience. Pixie Scientific has already garnered a ton of press, even though they’re not planning on shipping diapers until March of 2014. You should read up on them a bit more, and then check out their Careers page. Their Lab Assistant Extraordinaire position is an intern to full-time opportunity that looks perfect for a new or recent grad. They also are looking for an Image Processing / OpenCV Guru and a Mobile App Engineer, but those positions require more experience.

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