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It seems as though every business has a Facebook page and a Twitter account these days. Everybody is excited about social media marketing, yet very few people know how to get it right. We have a Facebook page with 3,041 Likes, a Twitter account 3,888 followers, and a LinkedIn Group with 749 members, and I barely know what to do with them besides send out our daily updates (but you should still Like, Follow, and Join). Offerpop is a New York, NY based company that helps businesses use social media more effectively through a suite of tools and apps. They’ve only been around for about a year and a half, but they’ve already done some really cool stuff with some big name clients.

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To get a sense for what Offerpop means when they talk about their “engaging, end-to-end, white label campaign tools for Facebook and Twitter,” you should take a look at both their Product page and their Case Studies. The range of apps that Offerpop already offers is pretty impressive, and all are focused on using social media to drive sales or other desired actions. Offerpop has worked with names like Tumi, Gilt City, Acura, Poker Stars, Girll Scouts, Bravo, Skype, Audi, Athleta, Samsung, Sara Lee, and American Eagle Outfitters, so you know that their product offerings must be generating a solid ROI. If you like what Offerpop is doing, you can head over to their Jobs page to learn more about their career opportunities. Right now they’re looking for a Sales Representative, a Social Marketing Consultant , and a Facebook and Twitter Developer. The first and the last are probably best suited to new or recent grads, but check out all of the job descriptions here.

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