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Continuum is a Boston based "innovation and design consultancy” that helps “organizations drive business innovation through design."

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What if I told you that the Reebok Pump, the Swiffer, and the portable ascender (it’s straight out of Batman) were all designed by the same company? You’d probably assume that there’s some giant holding company that owns Reebok, Procter and Gamble, and Atlas Devices. That’s not true. Continuum is the company in question, and they certainly don’t own any of those three companies. They’re a Boston, MA based “global innovation and design consultancy” that helps “organizations drive business innovation through the design of products, services and experiences that become part of the fabric of people’s lives.” Continuum has been at it for 30 years, and they’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands (PepsiCo, American Express, Johnson & Johnson, and Nestle in addition to the ones that I’ve already mentioned) to improve business outcomes through design.

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Continuum has an almost overwhelming amount of information on their website, but it’s all really interesting. To start off you should probably look over their Company Profile to get an overview of who they are. From there you’ll probably want to read about the kinds of problems that they solve and their areas of expertise. After that you should browse through some of Continuum’s Work and look at their full client list. Both are extremely impressive. Continuum covers a lot of territory for a 150-person firm, but it all eventually comes back to people focused design. If you’re excited about this approach, take a look at Continuum’s Jobs page. Right now they have a few positions that seem like good fits for new or recent grads including Digital Designer (Los Angeles and Boston) and Junior Envisioner (Boston). Both positions look like amazing opportunities.

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