Based in Austin, TX, Mercury Mambo is an ad agency with a truly unique niche: they specialize in targeted Hispanic marketing strategies.

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We’ve talked about quite a few companies with advertising jobs since we launched, but Mercury Mambo is the first with a truly unique niche. They specialize in targeted Hispanic marketing strategies. It’s pretty obvious why that’s a smart business to be in, and it’s been paying off for Mercury Mambo – they were featured in the Inc. 500 for 2007 with 806.5% 3-year revenue growth.

That revenue growth is likely the result of Mercury Mambo’s working with big name clients like Anheuser Busch, Cadbury Schweppes, and US Cellular. With those clients, they’ve done some pretty cool projects directed towards a hispanic demographic. We especially liked the Bud Light Texas Guitar Hero On-Premise Promotion. Mercury Mambo developed and designed game units that included a custom painted guitar for Guitar Hero for special promotional events (most likely in bars). To see a picture and get the whole story, visit their portfolio and click on the Retailment section. If you want to find out more about what Mercury Mambo does, check out the Mambo Blog, which was surprisingly hard to find – it’s basically hidden on their site and is not even indexed by Google. There’s also a Mercury Mambo photo gallery that we also had to do some digging to find. You’d think a marketing consultancy would do a better job of making their online content available and easy to find…

From what we could find on their Join Our Team page and through our Google searches, Mercury Mambo doesn’t offer traditional entry-level job opportunities. Instead, they hire freelance graphic designers and copywriters to form project teams. These freelancers are hired by the project and paid accordingly. Mercury Mambo also says that their freelancers will occasionally have the opportunity to “participate in online surveys, conduct store checks, proof work, and provide valuable feedback on our work as well as our clients’.”

Typically, work by freelancers who are hired by Mercury Mambo is done under a pseudonym. They say this is to preserve privacy, but we don’t really get it. We’d love an explanation – if anyone from Mercury Mambo is reading this, please reply in the comments. We would also love to know if there are job opportunities in the Mercury Mambo office, since there’s no mention on their website. Maybe they hire freelancers who do great work for permanent positions? That would make a lot of sense. We did find an old job posting in which they were looking for an intern, and they reported having 16 employees for the Inc. 500, so you would think they might have some jobs available in their office. Maybe an e-mail to the right person could answer any questions you have about full-time jobs at Mercury Mambo.

To apply for freelance positions, you should send a resume and portfolio to Their site says to “complete this online application,” but there’s no link, so a resume and portfolio should be enough. We wonder were goes? Maybe that’s how you apply for permanent positions. (We’re joking. Don’t send e-mails to that address. Either nobody will get them, or whoever does will be pissed off at you and us.)

Note: On April 23rd we revisited entry-level jobs at Mercury Mambo.

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2 responses to “Mercury Mambo”

  1. Lynn says:


    I came across your post while the team was working to improve our blog and website (both content-wise and for better search placement). Who knew anyone was even talking about us!

    We know, we know… the website needs work and clean-up! We’re on it.

    Since our agency started in 1999, we’ve undergone tremendous and exciting growth. At the beginning, our business model was to use primarily freelance talent. Over the years the company has evolved and we’ve brought many jobs in-house – we currently have 30 employees.

    We still use freelance and contract talent for many of the projects we do in order to bring in expert talent that normally wouldn’t be housed in a promotions and events agency. For example, when we were customizing the Gibson guitars for the Guitar Hero project, we brought in an amazing guitar tech to do the conversion of the real guitars to GH game controllers.

    We also hire people occasionally for entry level positions. Being in Austin, we’re extremely fortunate to be surrounded by a number of top-notch universities. One of the team members in the office has done a fantastic job of putting together an intern recruiting and retention program that’s goal is to expose interns to and teach them about as many aspects of agency life as possible. As a result of her efforts, we’ve been able to bring in some amazing intern talent. Quite a few of the interns have come on board full-time after graduation. Of course, some entry-level folks come to us through other, more traditional avenues as well – we usually start by posting openings on Craigslist in Austin.

    We also actively recruit for our Brand Ambassador Teams. Since we execute over 1500 events in 22 markets, this team is an extremely important part of our staff. We use Craigslist for this recruitment but in the very near future (probably within the next month), the initial application will be posted on our website. We’ll still post on Craigslist to let people know when there are openings available though!

    Thanks for the mention on your site and keep us eye on us. There are more great things to come in the near future!

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for such an informative comment. We love to see the employers that we feature add information, fix any inaccuracies, and generally participate in the discussion. It sounds like Mercury Mambo is doing great work, and we will definitely keep an eye on you.

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