We got a tip from a MediaVest employee that they’re still doing a lot of entry level hiring despite the economic fears, and MediaVest’s Jobs page backs that up.

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Who builds brands? If you asked 10 people in marketing that question, you’d probably get 10 different answers. If you asked someone from MediaVest, he or she would say, “We do!” MediaVest is a marketing and communications firm that works with some of the world’s biggest brands – Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Wal-Mart, Continental Airlines, and many more. MediaVest certainly can’t take all of the credit for building those brands, but they can take some of it. MediaVest has seven core competencies, and they are Research, Insights, and Analytics; Strategic Communications Planning; Investment and Activation; Brand-in Entertainment; Digital Connections, Print Investment; and Out of Home. These areas of expertise are all part of MediaVest’s unique process that delivers value to clients.

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Ok, that all sounds good, but what does it really mean? What does MediaVest really do? They work with the big dogs. Everyone is trying to build a brand, but the game changes when you reach a certain size. I spend every day trying to brand myself and One Day, One Job. I never have a shortage of things to do or areas to invest in because my general brand awareness is pretty low. I have a lot to gain. Companies like Coca-Cola and Procter and Gamble don’t have a lot to gain. They are already at the top of the branding world, but not only do they want to do better, but they must continue to work hard to maintain their brand positions. MediaVest helps the big dogs manage how they appear in different forms of media.

We got a tip from a MediaVest employee that they’re still doing a lot of entry level hiring despite the economic fears, and MediaVest’s Jobs page backs that up. If you’re looking to start a career in media or marketing, MediaVest is a great place to look. It appears that most of their entry level hires are for the
Junior Associate position. There are six types of Junior Associate jobs that they are currently hiring for – Connections, Digital, Activation – National Broadcast, Activation – Local Broadcast, Activation – Print Investment, and Connections Research. There are descriptions for each on the link above, and all of the jobs are located in New York City. Beyond the Junior Associate positions, there are also a few other jobs that aren’t explicitly identified as entry level but that are probably good fits for new college grads. These include Administrative Assistant, Media Planner, Broadcast Negotiator, and Coordinator, Media Research and Analytics. These jobs are also located New York City, and you can apply for any of MediaVest’s open jobs through their online application form.

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