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If you’re excited about Bean Boots, dog beds, outdoor apparel, tents, sleeping bags, and everything of the sort, then you’ll want to check out LLBeanCareers.com

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August is typically a big vacation month, so it can sometimes be hard to reach the people you want to reach in your job search. If you’re taking a vacation yourself, you may want to thing about the brands that you associate with vacation. For me, it’s often L.L. Bean because I end up spending most of my time enjoying the outdoors—and that usually includes some of their gear. They’ve been “a trusted source for quality apparel, reliable outdoor equipment and expert advice for more than 95 years.” It all started with one man named Leon Leonwood Bean and some cold wet feet. He decided to combine the comfort of leather boots with the durability and functionality of rubber work boots. He then obtained the mailing list for Maine hunting license holders and sent them a three-page flyer about his new boots. L.L. guaranteed that people would be satisfied with his boots, and he had to eat his words. Of the first 100 pairs that he sold, 90 were returned for defects. that would put a lot of people out of business, but not L.L. Bean, which continues to be located in Freeport, ME to this day.

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Today L.L. Bean still offers their same satisfaction guarantee, and they continue to put a huge emphasis on customer service (places like this are usually awesome to work for). L.L. Bean now has 4,600 employees year-round, and that number spikes to 9,000 during the holidays. I guess that’s when L.L. Bean does a good portion of their $1.5 billion in annual sales. They also have a flagship store without locks on its doors—it’s open 24/7/365. It also comes with a “trout pond, a coffee shop, café and 3,500- gallon fish tank.” I’d imagine that the headquarters has some pretty cool stuff too—I know that the Orvis headquarters does. If you’re excited about Bean Boots, dog beds, outdoor apparel, tents, sleeping bags, and everything of the sort, then you’ll want to check out LLBeanCareers.com. It offers information on careers on Retail, Corporate, and Season opportunities. We’ll focus on the Corporate opportunities which include potentially entry level positions like Programmer/Analyst, Page Production Specialist, Associate Marketing Analyst – E-Commerce/Web Analytics, Assistant Merchandiser – Kid’s Category, and Assistant Merchandiser – Footwear & Travel.

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