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Do you love educational toys? Launchpad Toys is building digital toys for the next generation, and they're hiring.

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My girlfriend has been telling people that she finally figured out how to find birthday gifts for me. She claims that she goes to and uses the Preteen Boys Gift Guide (Ages 8-12), but I’m pretty sure that she’s fibbing. I’m way more interested in the toys for 12-15 year olds, which includes all kinds of remote control helicopters. I’m totally a kid at heart, which is why I wanted to write about Launchpad Toys on my birthday. They’re a San Francisco, CA based company that builds “digital toys and tools that empower kids to create, learn, and share their ideas through play.” These “toys” are actually software–only on the iPad for now–and they are apparently the modern day versions of things like LEGOs, Erectors Sets, Shrinky Dinks, and Play-Doh (all things that I would still play with if I had them in my house).

A Launchpad for Your Career

It’s fitting that I’m writing about Launchpad Toys today not only because it’s my birthday, but also because of Steve Jobs’ passing yesterday. They are a perfect example of how Steve’s vision has enabled all of us to do amazing things. And what’s so cool about Launchpad is that they’re making toys that empower young children to build things. There’s a good chance that the next great technological visionary will have been influenced by something like Launchpad Toys’ Toontastic. You can see what it looks like in action below (e-mail readers will have to click through):

I guess I’m still running with the “making stuff” theme. It’s just so important. I love what Launchpad Toys is doing, and I can’t wait to see where they go with their next product. If you want to be a part of their future, check out their Jobs page. They don’t list specific openings, but they’re mostly looking for Software Developers. However, don’t be afraid to reach out to them if you have other skills that you think might be useful at Launchpad Toys. And be sure to tell them your favorite flavor of ice cream.

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