Today, I saw on Twitter that recruiting Blogger and HR SEO extraordinaire, Joel Cheesman, is looking to add a journalist to the Cheezhead team.

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Today, I saw on Twitter that recruiting Blogger and HR SEO extraordinaire, Joel Cheesman, is looking to add a journalist to the Cheezhead team. Yes, we’ve found a new job searching tool here at One Day, One Job. It’s not the most practical thing for college students to use, but we’ve already found a few internships and entry-level job opportunities in a week of use. In case you don’t know, Twitter is a social networking site / time waster that is best explained to college students as a combination of Facebook’s status updates and walls. All messages have to be 140 characters or less, and there’s not much more to it. Finally, the networking part of social networking is paying off! If you use Twitter, you can follow me here.

Cleveland Rocks!

When we saw the Cheez’s tweet (message on Twitter) with a link to the job posting, we asked if he would consider hiring a new college grad, maybe someone who worked for a campus daily, and he said, “Sure.” This is certainly a niche opportunity, but it’s an extraordinary chance to learn from a guy who has used the power of the Internet to put himself at the forefront of his industry. If you have an interest in recruiting, human resources, journalism, and social media, this is a perfect fit. The only catch is that you have to be willing to live in the Cleveland area.

Since most of our readers aren’t too familiar with Cheezhead, here’s the rundown. He’s a search engine optimization pro. He’s one of the top recruiting bloggers. He’s all over new forms of social media – video, blogs, podcasts, Twitter, etc. He sold out and makes a lot of money from advertising on his blog. And he loves ripping on The best way to get to know him is to read his blog and to track his activity across a variety of social media sites.

Most of you probably won’t have any interest in working with the Cheez, but for someone out there this is a dream job. If that’s you, starting doing some research on Joel, and when you apply, tell him that we sent you.

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Even if this job isn’t for you, you might find that reading Cheezhead gives you new insights into how online recruiting and job search work.

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3 responses to “Cheezhead”

  1. Thanks for the assist, Willy.

  2. Laura says:

    Willy, for what it’s worth, Cleveland is a great place to live. Yes, the weather can be cold but it’s always colder in Chicago or Minnesota! I can’t say enough about it.

  3. @Joel – no problem

    @Laura – I hope it didn’t sound like we think living in Cleveland is a drawback. We just don’t see it on the top of most new grads’ lists of where they want to live. I’ve only driven through Cleveland, but I’m sure it’s a great place. Just do something about the insect problem at Jacob’s Field. Please.

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