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The only problem is that you can’t use Get Satisfaction’s Get Satisfaction page to land a job with them, you have to use their Work Here page.

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Think back to Christmas morning when you were a kid (or on your birthday or whenever you received gifts). You get that present that you’ve been begging your parents for, you open it, and you start playing. And you just can’t get it to work properly. The instructions are confusing, and calling the number on the box just leads to a phone tree. There has to be a better way to interact with the company. That’s where Get Satisfaction comes in. They’re a San Francisco, CA based company that provides an online platform for customer communities. Companies can have official Get Satisfaction pages where they interact with their customers, or customers can create a Get Satisfaction page for any company to start interacting with other customers (and hopefully force the company’s hand to start participating in the community). Often another customer will be able to fix your problem, and if they can’t, there’s a good chance that the company’s employees will chime in.

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Get Satisfaction focuses on customer outcomes instead of processes, so there are four topic types on a Get Satisfaction site: Ask a Question, Share an Idea, Report a Problem, and Give Praise. That covers just about everything you could ever want to tell a company (beyond I want to work for you). Get Satisfaction’s business is based on getting companies to pay for premium membership where they can get expanded features and better website integration. It’s a great tool, and I’d certainly use it if my business was product or service based (as opposed to content based). Developing and managing online communities is extremely hard work, and Get Satisfaction makes it so much easier. The only problem is that you can’t use Get Satisfaction’s Get Satisfaction page to land a job with them, you have to use their Work Here page. Right now their positions require some level of prior experience, but they’re not beyond what an outstanding college grad could have accomplished. If you’ve been running or managing online communities for a while, check out their Community Management Director position, and if you are a top notch Ruby on Rails Developer, then there might also be a place for you. And if neither of those fit, I’m sure they’d still love to hear from you if you think you can bring something to the table.

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