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Expo is a NYC based company that allows users to submit video reviews on all kinds of products, and they're hiring.

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I’m not big on writing online reviews. There’s something that feels wrong about generating free content for someone else to make money off of it. But I’m sure glad that there are plenty of people who have a different opinion. How would I know which restaurants to go to without Yelp? Or what books to buy without Amazon reviews? Reviews have proven time after time to be a great base on which to build an Internet business. That’s exactly what they’ve done at Expo, a New York, NY based company that has been aiming “to create the largest and most authentic base of product focused videos available” since 2005. They’ve built a platform for regular people to share “videopinions” on nearly any product under the sun.

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One of the things I really like about Expo is that they actually reward their users for participating. I’m sure they’re still making way more off the content than they’re paying out, but they wouldn’t be in business if they didn’t. What’s also cool is that Expo works directly with brands, so Expo reviews get back to the people who make decisions about the products that are being reviewed. You should definitely browse around ExpoTV.com and get a better sense of how the site works and get a feel for the community. Expo actually does a great job of describing how their business works on their Corporate site, so you definitely want to read through that content to understand how they’re leveraging video for SEO, increased engagement, and more. If you like what Expo is doing, check out their ExpoTV.com

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