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Zmags is a Boston, MA based company that helps take the art of the catalog and put it online. They have some great job opportunities.

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I remember when I used to get excited about catalogs coming in the mail. The ones from Orvis were always my favorite. They had great photos, interesting stories, and products that I was dying to buy. As the catalog business has moved online, a lot of the art has been lost. It’s not that the web isn’t capable of offering a wonderful catalog experience, it’s just that the constraints of selling on the web (SEO, conversion rate optimization, content management systems, etc) push companies to take a different approach. Luckily for those of us who care, the catalog isn’t dead. Zmags is a Boston, MA based company that has built “the only rich media platform that brings commerce into the digital catalog.” They enable brands to build interactive catalogs that offer an even better experience than paper catalogs–and they can be consumed on all kinds of technology including phones, tablets, and computers.


Zmags has already enabled more than 1 million digital catalogs and brochures. They’re getting 200 million pageviews and 15 million visits a month. They’re already working with brands like Audi, Lenovo, IKEA, Neiman Marcus, and tons of other big names. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already interacted with a Zmags catalog. If you really want to dig into the company’s product, you can learn a lot more here. That’ll give you a good overview of the nuts and bolts of the business, but what you really need to check out is the Customer Showcase. That’ll give you an idea of what Zmags looks like in action. If you’re a catalog lover who isn’t afraid of technology, then you need to take a look at Zmags’ Jobs page. Right now they have a few opportunities that are worth checking out:

Some of these positions require some prior experience, but they may still be worth checking out and applying for.

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