Echo’s Careers site is truly phenomenal. In terms of content, it has everything that you could ever want from a company that you are researching.

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This is what we like to see! One of our readers contacted us earlier this week to tell us about a company that he is interning for this summer. He’s been a Fan of One Day, One Job for quite a while, so he knows the drill around here. He says he’s really enjoying working for Echo Global Logistics, and that we should do a post about their entry-level jobs. There’s nothing like a firsthand recommendation from a loyal reader, so lets figure out what Logistics actually means and how it might be an interesting industry to consider in your job search.


Echo Global Logistics is “a leading provider of technology enabled business process outsourcing, serving the transportation and logistics needs of our clients.” What does that mean? Echo actually has a great graphic on their website that explains what logistics is about. Here it is:

What Is Logistics?

As you can see, there is a whole lot of shipping going on. Echo doesn’t do the shipping, but they help other companies find the right shipper. It’s not always as easy as using UPS or FedEx. It sounds like a pretty simple business, but it obviously comes with its complexities. That’s why companies hire Echo to do the logistics for them.

Working at Echo

Now that you know what logistics is, let’s talk about why Echo is probably a great company to work for. We all know that readers of One Day, One Job are extremely intelligent, savvy, and perceptive. If another reader recommends a company, you should listen! Here are some of the points our reader made in the e-mail to us: Echo was named one of Chicago’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For, they’re doing a lot of entry-level hiring, they have an awesome Careers page, and they’re a young company that has grown to 500 employees and 1,000 clients since they were started in 2005. Most important, our reader really enjoys working there.

That’s what he said, here’s what we found. Echo’s Careers site is truly phenomenal. In terms of content, it has everything that you could ever want from a company that you are researching. There are actually two Careers sites, one for new grads, and another for experience hires. How cool is that? Echo includes information such as life at echo, a day in the life of an entry-level employee, a tour of their office, and overviews of the company’s departments. There’s a lot more information that you’ll find easily by browsing Echo’s site. Our only complaint is that the site is mostly Flash based, which looks great, but hurts their search engine optimization. Using Google to find jobs with Echo won’t be very successful. Still, the Careers site is top notch.

What Kind of Jobs Are There in Logistics?

Our other slight complaint is that Echo doesn’t make it clear which job opportunities are available for new grads at the entry-level. Their Job Openings page is the same for experienced and entry-level job searchers. Our reader told us that they’re hiring new grads in all of their departments, but we only see a few jobs listed that are appropriate for new grads. These include Business Development Representative – Inside Sales, Account Executive (Park City, UT or Rancho Palos Verdes, CA), and .Net Developer. We imagine that there are more opportunities available, so we hope someone from Echo will stop in and leave a comment advising new grads on how to apply for jobs that aren’t listed on the site (like the ones that we heard about from our reader in Finance, IT, HR, Sales, and, of course, Logistics). Since Echo is headquartered in Chicago, IL, we’d imagine that most of their entry-level jobs would be located there.

Despite our nitpicking, we think that Echo looks like a great place to start your career after college. Their online presence is phenomenal, and that always impresses us. Now that you know what Logistics is, take a look and see if Echo has anything that interests you.

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  1. Ann says:

    Ann from Echo here – we’re glad to see you found our website helpful and the company a great place to jumpstart a career! When considering entry-level positions, I would suggest considering the Business Development Representative and Account Executive positions. Both roles give excellent exposure to all aspects of the industry and significant interaction with clients. With our growth, there are many opportunities to move up the ladder quickly into more specific positions or departments as you become familiar with the industry and our business model. Of course we always have new positions popping up in all departments, but most of our growth is within the two positions listed above. Keep an eye on the website to see what else we’re hiring for.

  2. Thanks for clearing that up, Ann. Feel free to leave another comment if there’s anything else that you’d like to share about Echo’s entry-level positions.

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