Dreyer's happens to offer the best job in the world, which, unfortunately, is not entry level. But it's ok because Dreyer’s has jobs for new college grads too.

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Today’s jobs are going to be especially sweet, but before we tell you about them, we want to remind you about two sweet deals that we’re offering. The first is a free copy of an awesome book called How to Self-Destruct written by career coach and management consultant Jason Seiden (who is partnering with us for our job search training course), and the second is the HP Magic Giveaway, where we and 49 other sites are each giving away $6,000 HP packages to our readers. Now that we’ve reminded you, let’s talk about some sweet jobs that might also be recession proof. A couple weeks ago we told you about Blizzard Entertainment’s jobs because the video game industry is thriving as people who are unemployed flock to gaming. Well what else do you do when you’re unemployed and sitting on the couch? Eat ice cream, of course. So instead of sitting there with a wiimote in one hand and a spoon in the other, why don’t you think about a job with Dreyer’s? They’re a $2 billion company with more than 7,000 employees, and they’re all about ice cream.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Entry Level Jobs with Dreyer’s

Dreyer’s makes ice cream under four brands – Dreyer’s, Edy’s, Nestle, and Häagen-Dazs. They offer tons of delicious flavors, and also make Dibs which are an extremely dangerous thing to have around the house when you’re looking for a job – I know from experience. They also offer the best job in the world, which, unfortunately, is not entry level. That’s ok, because Dreyer’s has jobs for new college grads too. Their campus recruiting schedule seems to be over, but they still have job openings listed on their website. Their Operations Leadership Development Program has openings in Houston, TX; Bakersfield, CA; Fort Wayne, IN; and Tulare, CA. These jobs are specifically tailored to new grads; however, you may also find some interesting opportunities on Dreyer’s main job listings pages. These jobs are in areas like Accounting / Finance, Administration Support Services, Engineering, Environment – Health and Safety, Facilities Maintenance – Production/Warehouse, Information Technologies, Manufacturing – Operations/Production, Quality Assurance, Retail Sales & Services, Supply Chain/Logistics, and Warehouse. They’re not geared towards new college grads, but they’re probably worth looking at. You can apply for all of the jobs directly from the job descriptions, and you’ll also want to check out The Grooves before you apply (they’re Dreyer’s guiding principles).

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