If you're going to end up working at DivX, chances are that you know more about video codecs than I do.

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We’ve looked at plenty of Internet video companies in the past, but we haven’t spent too much time looking at companies that provide the underlying technology that drives Internet video. DivX is a San Diego, CA based company that develops and licenses video codecs. Codec is short for compressor-decompressor, which is essentially technology that allows you to more efficiently transfer data. In DivX’s case they provide a codec that allows high definition video to be compressed without sacrificing quality on the other end. They’re a big part of why Internet video finally works so well. Transmitting uncompressed video over the Internet takes a huge amount of bandwidth, but using a DivX codec significantly decreases the amount of bandwidth necessary to transmit your favorite time wasting video.

Decoding Your Job Search

If you’re going to end up working for DivX, chances are that you know more about video codecs than I do (please forgive me if my explanation above wasn’t up to snuff). While most consumers aren’t familiar with the DivX brand, they most likely use the company’s technology often. Whether it’s on the computer, the tv, or your phone, there’s a really good chance that DivX’s technology makes it possible for you to watch video. Since DivX isn’t typically selling you a product, they have to make most of their money through licensing this technology to third parties. DivX is very much a technology company, so that’s where most of their jobs are. Right now they have 25 open positions, and a few seem suitable for new grads including QA Tester (San Diego, CA), Integration Tester (Malvern, PA), Field Applications Engineer (San Diego, CA), Embedded Engineer – Software Development (Malvern, PA), and Certification Engineer (Malvern, PA). You can apply online for any of these positions, and if you’re interested in working internationally (Germany, Russia, or China), you should check out the rest of DivX’s job postings.

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