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Bedrocket Media Ventures is a New York, NY based company "leading a revolution in creating networks and programming that people love, delivered through the cloud.”

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I think that live sports is just about the only thing keeping broadcast television alive. I’m waiting for the day when DVRs aren’t even necessary because everything is always on-demand. Unfortunately, it’s still going to be a while because the media behemoths have a lot to lose and a strong enough market position to put up a huge fight. We’ll get there eventually, but it will happen faster if upstarts like Bedrocket Media Ventures start to see a little success. They are a New York, NY based company that “is leading a revolution in creating networks and programming that people love, delivered through the cloud.” While they may be trying to beat the establishment, they’re getting a little help in the form of $15 million of venture capital investment.

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What we’re seeing now in the media industry is that having a distribution channel is becoming less and less important, while having high quality content is becoming more and more important. Bedrocket Media Ventures is well aware of this, and that’s why their main focus is on content. Some of their early ventures are in the form of YouTube channels, and they include Network A, Official Comedy, Look TV, and KICKTV. Bedrocket also helped produce a movie called Sleepwalk With Me. I’m not sure that I’m sold that they are “the future of entertainment” yet, but at least they seem to have a good start. If you’d like to help them continue chasing that goal, take a look at Bedrocket Media Ventures’ Jobs page. Right now the positions worth checking out include Interaction Designer, Product Designer, and Associate Editor – Network A.

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