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If you’re intrigued by what Accruent does, then you should check out their Careers page. They have a ton of entry level positions available.

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Location. Location. Location. You know how important it is. Chances are that one of the major drivers in your job search is location. It’s even more important for businesses, yet they rarely manage their locations as effectively as they manage everything else. There are all kinds of sophisticated software platforms to manage customer relationships, products, human resources, and plenty of other things, but what about managing the places where they do business? That’s what Accruent is all about. They’re a Santa Monica, CA based company that develops software to help businesses “analyze [their] real estate and facilities portfolios and implement actions to cut costs and drive performance improvements.” It may not sound like the most exciting stuff on the face of it, but when you realize that Accruent helps clients manage “over 1 billion square feet of commercial space, for which they pay over $100 billion in rent annually,” you start to realize how interesting what Accruent does actually is.

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Think about your college. Huge facilities with lots of people using them. How the heck do they figure out how to make the most of what they already have? If you went to Yale, USC, Michigan State, Syracuse, Brown, or one of the other higher education institutions on this list, you’d know that they used Accruent to figure it out. Accruent also has clients in Retail, Corporate, and Public Sector environments. That includes “20% of the Fortune 500 and over 40% of the top 100 retailers.” If you’re intrigued by what Accruent does, then you should check out their Careers page. In their job listings you’ll see postings for entry level Account Executive / Sales positions in Little Rock, AR; Jacksonville, FL; Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY; Minneapolis, MN; Houston, TX; Boston, MA; Denver, CO; Chicago, IL; Altanta, GA; and Des Moines, IA. There’s also an entry level Software Developer and Quality Assurance Engineer positions in Austin, TX. There are lots of opportunities, so check them out.

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