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160over90 is a Philadelphia, PA based branding agency that has done work for Audi, the Miami Dolphins, Michigan State University, Mercedes-Benz, and Nike.

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An agency is only as good as its work. That’s why I look for ones whose website are light on buzzwords and heavy on showing off what they’ve done. Not surprisingly, that’s exactly what employers want from you. Less talk, more show. There aren’t many words on the 160over90 website. When you land on their home page you can either choose “Our Work” or “Our Agency.” That’s why I like the Philadelphia, PA based branding agency. They tell their story the same way that they tell their clients’ stories. They show. The only part that seems to be missing is an explanation of what 160over90 means.


Let’s get back to 160over90’s work. Their clients include Audi, the Miami Dolphins, Michigan State University, Mercedes-Benz, Nike, Sobe, and UCLA. There’s no doubt that 160over90 is already at the top of the food chain, and you’ll understand why when you look at what they did for each of these clients–simple branding campaigns that evoke emotion. I know branding isn’t as hot now that we live in the time of performance marketing, but 160over90 makes brand work seem compelling again. What I love most about 160over90 is that their storytelling crosses over into their job postings. When you click the links to positions on their Jobs page, you’ll hear about some of their most recent projects and how the role will be involved in future projects. It’s almost as if a copywriter writes the job descriptions. Check them out. The ones that you’ll most likely be interested in include Copywriter, Interactive Designer, Production Artist, and Web Developer.

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