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If you just can’t get enough Wi-Fi, then you should consider jobs at Xirrus in Thousand Oaks, CA.

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Now that the holiday weekend is over, let’s get back to running through the Inc. 500 in our search for exciting entry level career opportunities. Today we’re going to talk about WiFi. Chances are that you’re using it to read this right now. When I started college, most people didn’t even have Wi-Fi. By the time I graduated it was in every off campus apartment. Now the idea of plugging in to an Internet connection means that you either have an ancient computer or you’re staying at one of those annoying hotels that forces you to plug in and then charges you $19.95 for a day of Internet access. There are a few other bastions of wired Internet left, and they’re often left that way because implementing large scale Wi-Fi networks isn’t easy. Having a single router plugged into a cable modem is basically a no-brainer, but offering uninterrupted Wi-Fi across a huge office building, conference center, or other large structure isn’t so easy. That’s where Xirrus comes in. They are a Thousand Oaks, CA based company that is aiming to “unwire the Enterprise with Wi-Fi that performs like a wired network.”

Get Unwired

It seems that Xirrus is doing pretty well considering their 3,213.6% growth to $26.6 million in revenue over the past three years. Apparently, their “long term sustainable differentiation is based upon RF innovation.” Basically, that means that they have better technology than their competitors. They say that they’ve developed “Wi-Fi Array architecture that delivers more coverage, bandwidth, throughput, and user density per device and per system basis far and above any other offering.” That’s exactly what businesses need if they’re going to be convinced to move to wireless Internet, so it should be no surprise that Xirrus is growing so quickly. If you just can’t get enough Wi-Fi, then you should consider jobs at Xirrus. Their current openings that might interest new or recent grads include Wi-Fi Field Technician, Accounts Payable Specialist, and Wi-Fi Customer Support Technician.

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