The good news on Gore is that beyond making amazing products, they’re also an amazing place to work—and they have lots of entry level jobs for new college grads

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This week One Day, One Job is coming to you from the Northern woods of Michigan, which means that I have fly fishing on my mind. At least half my days up here are spent in waders—boots that go all the way up to your chest so that you can walk around in the river without getting wet—which gave me a great idea for a company to feature today. Newark, DE based W.L. Gore & Associates “is a leading manufacturer of thousands of advanced technology products for the electronics, industrial, fabrics and medical markets,” but they are most relevant to me (and probably to you too) as the company behind GORE-TEX®. If you’re not familiar with it, GORE-TEX® is a waterproof fabric that is breathable. That means that waders and rain jackets that are made out of GORE-TEX® not only keep you dry from the water on the outside, but they also keep you from drenching yourself with sweat on the inside.

Stay Dry with Gore

Most of Gore’s products are probably things that you won’t notice in your every day life, but they really hit the consumer products jackpot with GORE-TEX®. When you realize how important the other products that they manufacture are to everything that you do, I guarantee that you’ll be impressed. The good news on Gore is that beyond making amazing products, they’re also an amazing place to work. They’ve been named to FORTUNE magazines list of “100 Best Companies to Work for in America” every year since the list has been published, and it all can be attributed to Gore’s fabulous their culture. They have an excellent Careers site and even have a special section with Opportunities for New Graduates that lists the following positions: Process Engineer, Product Development Associate, Manufacturing Engineering/Operations Associate, Application Engineer, Process Control Engineer, Operations Management Associate, and Technical Sales Associate. Unfortunately that page doesn’t tell you were to go to apply for these jobs. Your best bet for applying is to use Gore’s job search function to search for jobs that match these titles (or you can just check the box “Early-Career Professional”). They also offer the option to apply for an unlisted position, so that might be a good thing to try too. They certainly could make things a little more clear for new grads though.

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