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Reading should be part of your job search, but it needs to be part of an active pursuit to learn new things and become more employable, not a passive way to make yourself think that you’re doing something productive. That’s not to say that everything you read should be a how-to guide, but you need to choose books, articles, and publications with a purpose. If you do that, you’ll probably run into a lot of stuff published by Wiley, a Hoboken, NJ based “global publishing company that specializes in academic publishing and markets its products to professionals and consumers, students and instructors in higher education, and researchers and practitioners in scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly fields.” They’re a billion dollar business, so they’re publishing a lot of books on a lot of topics.

How Wiley Are You?

Chances are that you’re familiar with at least a few of Wiley’s brands and imprints. The For Dummies series is probably the most famous, though CliffsNotes, Webster’s, Betty Crocker Cookbooks, and The Unofficial Guides all have strong brand recognition as well. Go a little deeper into some of Wiley’s imprints, and you can find gems like Design for Hackers (ok, a good friend wrote this one). If you want to dive into a specific topic, there’s a good chance that a book from Wiley will give you exactly what you’re looking for. And if you’re looking for a job, they have those too. Right now Wiley’s Careers page shows that they’re currently looking for:

I’m not sure what’s up with all of the temporary positions, but I’d imagine that they could lead to permanent positions if you do well.

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