WildCharge does not explicitly state that their jobs are entry-level, but they don't say they're looking for people with lots of experiences either.

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Amazon Delivery Driver - No Experience Required
Sterling, VA
Delivery Person - Hiring Immediately
Sterling, VA
Amazon Delivery Station Amazon Delivery Station Associate - Jobs at Amazon
Sterling, VA
Vehicle Condition Assesor
Gaithersburg, MD
Amazon Grocery Warehouse Associate
Brunswick, MD
Vehicle Condition Assessor
Rockville, MD
Warehouse Loader - Earn over $18/hr
Arlington, VA
Dishwasher (Spanish)
Ashburn, VA
Team Member: Food Champion
Gainesville, VA
Earn Money Delivering With Gopuff
Reston, VA

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You woke up this morning, ran out the door, and grabbed a coffee on your way to an 8:00 AM lecture. No time for breakfast. This isn’t right. College seniors aren’t supposed to have early classes, but somehow you got stuck with an unfulfilled requirement and a mandatory attendance policy. After class you have to meet with your advisor to talk about your thesis and how you don’t have one. Then it’s lunch with your friend who just endured a serious break up. Finally, you can settle down for 6 hours in the library studying for your mid-term tomorrow. After about 2 hours of productivity, and 4 hours of procrastination, you run off to your intramural water polo match. Your team wins, but you swallow about a half gallon of water. So you shiver your way back (wet hair sucks in the winter) to the library and eventually settle down and get some studying done. It’s been a long day. You get back to your apartment, drop your bag on the floor, throw your cell phone on your side table, and hop into bed. Crap. You have a phone interview tomorrow for a job you don’t really want, but your cell phone’s battery will probably die even before the alarm wakes you up in the morning. You have to get out of your warm bed (why are your roommates too cheap to turn up the heat?), reach behind your side table, and plug in your phone. After everything you did today, for some reason this task seems impossible.

WildCharge is a company that has created a product that eliminates the tedious task of having to plug in your cell phone or iPod. They have designed a set of charging pads and adapters that allows you to charge your devices by simply placing them on the pad. So when you get home after a long day, just toss your phone and iPod on the same charging pad (no need for multiple chargers) and rest easy knowing that you will have a full charge when you wake up in the morning.

Now, WildCharge does not explicitly say on their website that their jobs are entry-level, but they don’t say they’re looking for people with lots of experiences either. They are currently hiring Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Program Managers in the Boulder, CO area. They are also looking for Product Managers and Business Development Managers in Scottsdale, AZ and other places.

In fact, that’s all the career information WildCharge offers. So start investigating. We normally wouldn’t write about a company that doesn’t even have a Careers page, but this product was too cool (it was even featured in Time Magazines’ Best Inventions of the Year) to ignore. We’re sure there are a ton of engineers out there who would love to join the WildCharge team.

You can send a resume or questions to jobs@wildcharge.com.

Note: On April 21st we revisited entry-level jobs at WildCharge.

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