Iconoculture is a company that provides really exciting work, although they don't currently have a wealth of jobs for new college graduates.

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Whether you set trends, follow them, or watch them, every day you have insights and experiences that have the potential to help companies increase their bottom lines. Iconoculture is a company that will allow you to put your daily observations to work, because it is in the business of providing cutting-edge consumer research to its clients. To get a better sense of Iconoculture as a company, check out this video or visit their home page. Iconoculture’s website is packed with information for those interested in consumer research. So what about jobs at Iconoculture?

If you are currently living abroad or plan to live abroad in the near future, are fluent in the native language and culture, and have a background in social science (Bachelors degree at least), Iconoculture may have an interesting job for you as a “Cultural Fluent.” Positions are currently available in Brazil, Russia, China, Korea, India, Australia, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Indonesia, and Canada. A “Cultural Fluent” is a contractor (6 month minimum commitment) hired by Iconoculture to keep his or her fingers on the pulse of the culture they live in. By learning and then applying Iconoculture‚Äôs proprietary observational methodology and framework to your daily interactions, you will be able to identify emerging consumer trends to help Iconoculture better serve its clients. Being a “Cultural Fluent” is not a full-time job, but it is an opportunity for a well-organized individual to set his or her own hours, get a start in consumer research, and deepen his or her cultural experiences.

Iconoculture also has Global Producer and Graphic Designer positions that appear to be appropriate for some entry-level applicants. If you’re not already sold on why Iconoculture looks like a cool place to work, you should note that they were named to Inc. Magazines’ 500 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies with a 1,205.2% 3-year revenue growth rate ($12.1 million in revenue last year). They have 105 employees and are located in Minneapolis, MN.

Iconoculture is a company that provides really exciting work. Although they don’t currently have a wealth of jobs for new college graduates, I’d recommend that you keep watching their list of job openings. Even better, subscribe to their RSS feed of job openings. Also be sure to look over their Careers page for information on their corporate culture and benefits.

If you like what you’ve heard so far, start doing some research on Iconoculture and see if it looks like a good place to begin your career.

Note: On April 21st we revisited entry-level jobs at Iconoculture.

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