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Vince is a New York, NY based fashion brand that offers a “collection of iconic essentials that women and men would want to wear every day.”

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I’m not sure that I’d call myself brand conscious as much as I’d call myself brand loyal. With clothing I try to find a brand that matches my personal style and fits well. For a while Vince had some great sweaters that I really liked, so I bought two more after my first and kept an eye on the brand. I never ended up buying anything else from the New York, NY based company, but they seem to have grown a lot in popularity over the past few years. They started out in Los Angeles in 2002 with “a highly-edited collection of women’s knits and cashmere sweaters,” but today they offer a “collection of iconic essentials that women and men would want to wear every day.”

Who’s Vince?

There’s not a lot to say about Vince. They keep things simple, and you’ll have to take a look at their latest collection to get a feel for the style. They want to be the “ultimate brand for everyday luxury essentials,” and that means being “synonymous with a modern, timeless aesthetic and efortless sophistication.” I’m sorry for all the quotes, but there’s not much that I can say about Vince that you can’t gather from checking out their stuff. If you like it, visit their Careers page. There are a few positions worth checking out including Visual Merchandising Coordinator and Copywriter. There are also a ton of retail opportunities.

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