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If you’re excited about the future of mapping technology, take a look at Urban Mapping’s Jobs page.

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One of the most underrated trends in today’s wave of technology is the GPS-enabling of everything. I recently bought a waterproof digital camera with a GPS chip in it, and it has completely changed my perspective on taking photographs. I think that it’s so cool that I can visualize all of my photos across a map. As GPS shows up in more and more devices (it’s in pretty much every smartphone now), we’re going to see all kinds of cool applications come to fruition. Urban Mapping is a San Francisco, CA based company that plays a behind the scenes role in pushing forward mapping technology. As they put it, they provide “geographic data and services to businesses for bigger insights and better decisions.” Put more simply, Urban Mapping organizes all kinds of data around geography in a way that makes it easy to visualize and manipulate the data.

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Urban Mapping’s flagship product is called Mapfluence, which is a “cloud-based mapping platform with thousands of content layers that can be visualized on maps, in tables and charts, or spatially analyzed to derive valuable location intelligence.” It has access to “more than 10,000 variables across dozens of data types, including demographics, educational performance, business analytics, religion, political affiliation, transportation infrastructure, weather, health and industry-specific data.” Just think how powerful that can be. With Mapfluence you could build an app that notifies you when you enter a sketchy neighborhood or helps you find parking spots. There are seemingly endless uses for the products and services that Urban Mapping offers. In addition to Mapfluence also offers a product called Urbanware and a number of Industry Solutions. If you’re excited about the future of mapping technology, take a look at Urban Mapping’s Jobs page. Right now they have a few positions that you might be interested in including Data Researcher, Python Engineer, Inside Sales Rep/Sales Ops, and Hacker in Residence. Some of the job postings appear to be a bit outdated, but don’t let that hold you back from applying. Good things happen to those who act.

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