I’ve found that companies like Triumvirate that treat customers well, also treat employees well. The same can be said for companies with Career blogs.

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Hydrovac Operator - Manassas, VA
Manassas, VA
Environmental Assistant (PRN)
Olney, MD
Part Time Behavioral Health Technician
Chantilly, VA
Now hiring HHAs - Up to $19/hr
Ashburn, VA
Environmental Scientist IV
Herndon, VA
Psychologist- Top Market Pay
Ashburn, VA
Claims Specialist Environmental Health Hazard
Germantown, MD
Waste Management Collector Truck Required Starting AT $25/Hr Part Time Night
Fairfax, VA
Ashburn, VA
Part Time Night Waste Management Collector Truck Required Starting AT $25/Hr
Centreville, VA

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In the environmentalist’s ideal world there would be no such thing as hazardous waste. Everything would be pure and natural and “green.” Unfortunately, that will never happen (partially because every living thing is its own little hazardous waste factory). How we deal with this hazardous waste is what truly determines the future of our environment. Triumvirate Environmental has figured this out, and they’ve spent the last 21 years building a business that provides “turnkey environmental and hazardous waste management services to clients across four niche sectors; Education, Healthcare, Industrial, and Life Sciences.” They’re based in Somerville, MA with locations across New England, New York, and the Mid-Atlantic, and they also appear to be masters of social media.

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I’m surprised that I hadn’t heard of Triumvirate Environmental until today. They’re totally on top of employment branding and social media use, so you’d think they’d be on my radar screen (I actually have an entry level job radar that gives me ideas for posts). This is impressive because they’re doing a great job making hazardous waste management exciting for job seekers and customers alike. Triumvirate Environmental has 9 blogs on topics that include The Environment, Environmental Careers, Higher Education, Healthcare, Industrial and Manufacturing, Life Sciences and BioPharma, Engineering Blogs, National and International Environmental News, and Social Media. It almost seems like too much, but if blog readers turn into customers or employees, then it’s well worth it. Triumvirate is all over Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube as well.

Although I find Triumvirate’s social media use impressive, I’m more impressed with their customer service philosophy, which is built off of their mission to “build the most productive, long-term, customer-intimate, environmental services firm by WOWing! each employee, and each customer, every day.” It’s all about WOWs! I’ve found that companies that treat their customers well, also treat their employees well, and the same can be said for companies that have Career blogs. That’s why you should definitely check out Triumvirate’s Career Center. Right now they have 22 job openings, and a number of them are suitable for new grads. These include Environmental Specialist (Somerville, MA; Providence, RI; Portland, CT; and Astoria, NY), Help Desk Specialist (Somerville, MA), and Environmental Service Representative (Portland, CT). There are also a number of jobs that are more “hands on” that only require a High School degree and some certifications. You can apply for all of these positions online, but I’ll bet that using social media to reach out to some people at Triumvirate Environmental may be a more effective way to get noticed.

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  1. dbur says:

    I just want to write this to give job seekers a fair shake from my point of view about some of the things to consider with this company. There are lots of nice people here who work together as a team well. But theres alot of promise for promotion and this isn’t really always accurate. The chemist role used to be a rightof passage people were in before being promoted into higher roles. But they have long unpredictable hours (you find out your next days schedule the night before), and a lot of dangerous, back-breaking work. 12+ hour days seem to be the norm. So, you can understand that these chemists should be the first to be considered when a promotion comes up. Instead of promoting the chemists, it seems like other people are often hired from outside and surpass the chemist role to fill the roles that the hard-working and more qualified chemists should have filled. If you become chemist, be prepared to spend all of your time wearing a uniform and getting dirty moving heavy drums full of chemicals. There are wows and they usually come from clients, but not really from the bosses. This place is run by talented sales people, and they sell the job and company well. They are definitely commited to their clients and will do whatever it takes to make them happy, so if you’re a client reading this, then you’re in luck. There are a few kool aide drinkers in the company that will follow these salespeople anywhere, but most people I know that work there are all pretty unhappy. The pay is not very good if you hold a degree in business or science, and I guarentee you can find probably $5/hour more if you work through a recruiter or do research or somethnig. But, I could be wrong. It seems like 1 in 30 drink the kool aide and love it there. Naysayers who work there might see this and trash it, but the ones looking up blogs are probably the kool aide drinkers anyways.

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