While they do have some non-technical positions shown on their Staff page, Telltale’s job openings include Build Engineer, Cinematic Artist, and Tester.

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As a kid I wasn’t a total video/computer game junkie, but I certainly spent my fair share of time sitting in front of a screen playing games. One of my favorites was a game that I played on my Mac called The Secret of Monkey Island. I figured that the game series had been discontinued long ago, but it appears that a relatively new company called Telltale Games has resurrected the series while also developing some new story-based games. Telltale Games is based in San Rafael, CA, and, as they put it, they are “the first and only studio to release interactive episodic content on a monthly schedule.” They seem to have found an interesting niche in the gaming industry, and they’re having success across platforms that include Wii, Xbox360, and the PC.

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Telltale Games seems well positioned for the future of gaming, as their episodic approach to games is based on digital distribution. Not only have they created their own direct sales distribution channel, but they’ve also “partnered with leading distributors (Time Warner / Turner Entertainment (GameTap); Yahoo Games; Steam; IGN; Big Fish; JoWooD Group; Trymedia; Wild Tangent).” I guess the days of going to a store to buy a game are coming to an end. Score one for instant gratification. And if you want instant gratification when it comes to jobs at Telltale Games, you better have some serious game development skills. While they do have some non-technical positions shown on their Staff page, Telltale’s job openings include titles like Build Engineer, Cinematic Artist, and Tester. Those are the kinds of jobs that require a lot of hard work building skills and gaining experience, so hopefully you’ve been doing that throughout college. You can find specific application instruction on each job posting.

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