Swift Kick just announced that they’re hiring. Their team is small, so the position is only part-time as an independent contractor, but it sounds really cool.

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The other day I was ranting on Twitter about how so many companies fail to list their locations on their Jobs pages and even on their websites. Kevin Prentiss replied that his company exists “in the cloud” or in other words virtually, so they purposefully don’t list location. I thought that was pretty cool, so I asked him why they don’t they advertise that, and he agreed that I had a point. This is important, because Kevin is the CEO at Swift Kick, the company that makes Red Rover, and they’re hiring.

Swift Kick? Red Rover? Huh?

Swift Kick is a company that provides technology and training to engage college students with their schools. The technology that they are talking about is Red Rover – software that integrates with MySpace and Facebook to improve the college orientation process. It’s something that I wish I had when I was going into my Freshman year, as it recommends groups and activities based on interests that you input. By merging this with Facebook and MySpace, Red Rover is using a platform that almost all incoming students are already familiar with. If you don’t entirely get it, take a tour of Red Rover and see what it’s all about. Schools love it because it gets students engaged, and students love it because it helps them acclimate to college much more quickly.

Get it? Ok, good. Swift Kick just announced that they’re hiring on their blog. They have a small team right now, so the position is only part-time as an independent contractor, but it sounds really cool. They’re looking for an Account Manger for Red Rover. They want someone who is really excited about the job because he or she is a Facebook whiz, passionate about improving education, a great problem solver, and has a bigger left hand than right (huh?). There are a few other things that they’d love to see in applicants, but we’ll let you go to the blog post to learn all about the job. It looks perfect for a new grad, so if you’re already excited about it, send a cover letter and resume to tom@redroverhq.com. This job exists “in the cloud,” so you need to be comfortable with working remotely. Even though it’s only a part-time opportunity right now, it appears to have the potential for growth. Swift Kick is going places, and if you do well in this job, there will probably be a future for you with them. And don’t forget, if you’re still in school and have a lot of free time, this is a job that you could do from your dorm room or apartment.

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What do you think of Red Rover? Would you have used it when you were an incoming freshman?

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One response to “Swift Kick”

  1. Hey Willy,

    Thanks for extending the shoutout for our new opening. Beyond the work we do, I think our company structure is also unique. Kevin and I started Swift Kick 5 years ago, but we’ve never lived in the same city. He now lives in NYC and I live in Chicago. Our logistics manager lives in…well often times I’m not sure, hence we sent up a direct deposit with her bank account instead of updating her mailing address every two weeks. Our programmers live in San Francisco. Our Community Manager lives in NYC, and our designer lives in FL. We also have two ad hoc helpers that live overseas. Someday it would be fun to draw a map…or better yet we should attach GPS units on each of us because Kevin and I do a lot of trainings at schools so we zig zag around the country.

    We make it a point to meet up physically at least 4 times a year because we know the value of face to face conversations. So it is not all virtual over here :)

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