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ShoeDazzle is a Santa Monica, CA based company that was built to feed women's shoe addictions without draining their pocketbooks.

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I have a lot of shoes for a guy, but nearly every pair has a unique, functional purpose. I may double up in a few key areas, but I only look to buy new shoes when I have a specific need. I’m not one of those people who is constantly looking for an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes, but I know that there are lot of those types out there–and they tend to be female. ShoeDazzle is a Santa Monica, CA based company that was built to feed the addiction without draining your pocketbook. ShoeDazzle’s “Chief Fashion Stylist” is Kim Kardashian, which is great because the kind of person who dots her i’s with hearts is the kind of person you want helping you pick out shoes.

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ShoeDazzle is pretty simple. You take a quiz so that they can get a sense of your fashion tastes, and then every month they give you a personalized online showroom with shoes, handbags, and jewelry selected by A-list stylists. If that explanation isn’t good enough, you might want to watch this video from ShoeDazzle that goes into a little more detail:

At first ShoeDazzle almost seems like a subscription site, but it’s really just a personalized, curated online storefront with a focus on value. They have more than 2 million likes on Facebook, so I’m guessing that the business model is working out pretty well. If you’d like to join the ShoeDazzle team, take a look at their Careers page. They have some great opportunities including:

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