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Sermo is a Boston, MA based company that “created the largest online community, exclusive to physicians." It currently reaches more than 125,000 doctors.

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I remember when Facebook was just for friends your age. Now it’s common to be friends with your parents, your parents’ friends, your professors, and your coworkers. I don’t know anyone who is friends with his or her doctor, but I can just imagine posting a picture of an awesome dessert that you’re about to eat and getting a notification saying “Dr. Jones commented on your photo: ‘Are you sure you want to eat this?'” Nobody needs that (ok, maybe some people do). We should probably give doctors their own social network so they can talk amongst themselves. That’s exactly what Sermo is. They’re a Boston, MA based company that “created the largest online community, exclusive to physicians.” They already have 125,000 medical professionals participating, and I’m sure that number will keep growing.

What’s Up Doc?

While even most “professional” use of social networks is quite frivolous, Sermo is anything but. It’s a place for doctors to learn from each other and build on their medical knowledge. Sermo only allows certified MDs and DOs, so there’s no worry that unqualified participants will chime in. You can take a quick tour of the product here, and you can read some Sermo success stories here. Sermo is free for doctors to use, as they generate revenue by allowing clients to access the network for data mining and advertising. The company was acquired last year, but still appears to operating on its own. If you’d like to work at Sermo, take a look at their Jobs page. Right now they’re looking for an Account Executive (Charlotte, NC) and a Project Manager (Charlotte, NC). They also allow you to apply for an unlisted position.

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