Despite the fact that Salesforce sounds like it's all about Sales and has nothing to do with software, the opposite seems to be true when it comes to their jobs

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Managing relationships is hard. Even with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, e-mail, text messages, cell phones, and every other tool that we have to stay in touch with people, it’s just not that easy to actively maintain a lot of relationships. Now, imagine that your job is all about managing relationships with people who pay your company money. Welcome to a job in Sales. It’s not easy, and managing all of your relationships with an address book, rolodex, or your cell phone’s saved numbers isn’t going to cut it. You need help with customer relationship management (CRM), and is CRM (seriously, their stock ticker symbol is CRM). Salesforce’s big tagline is “No software” (their phone number is actually 1-800-NO-SOFTWARE), but they don’t really mean it. Their business is all about providing software, but it’s software as a service. That means that Salesforce eliminates most of the headaches of traditional CRM software by being really easy to use. It may be software, but the goal is for the end user (the guy or girl working in Sales) not to realize it.

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Despite the fact that Salesforce sounds like it’s all about Sales and has nothing to do with software, the opposite seems to be true when it comes to their jobs. Ok, that’s not quite true, they have plenty of Sales related jobs too. They really have all kinds of jobs that are located all across the country. They also have specific jobs for new grads and a great section of their website devoted to University Recruiting. The good news is that Salesforce appears to be doing a ton of hiring, but their entry level hiring is relatively slim. If you check out their job listings and scroll to the bottom, you’ll see that their entry level openings (in San Francisco at their headquarters) are for Usability Analysts and User Researcher. You may be able to find more jobs by scanning the rest of the job postings. You should also check out Salesforce’s University Recruiting Brochure and their University Recruiting Calendar (they’re still visiting campuses this spring).

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  1. jonathanhung says:

    From some research into what this company and other CRM does: salesforce software can manage customer relations by synthesizing data about potential clients and prioritizing those with demographic information suggesting they will lead to a sale. It also takes advantage of cloud computing (their term for collaborative computing or software 2.0) to aggregate useful information from community experts, to be used by the sales team in their interactions with their clients. For a series of video demonstrations of their work:

    It appears anyone with experience in social media, or with statistics would have a leg up in producing this type of software. Though they are the largest WEB-based CRM, they have other competition from Oracle, Microsoft on the desktop software front, and Google is making progress in the web-based niche as well. A recent bio on Marc Benioff, CEO of salesforce, and his emergence in a new market was written on CNN money and Fortune, found here:

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