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Qpid.me is a Los Angeles, CA based company that “makes having ‘the conversation’ about STD status easier.”

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You’ve been scolded to “get tested” by television advertisements, health teachers, random people on your college campus, and maybe even your doctor. While they’re all making assumptions about your personal life that may not necessarily be true, it’s sound advice for the large majority of people. Unfortunately, getting tested for STDs isn’t something that the average person looks forward to, and the whole thing only gets more awkward when the results come in. What is one supposed to do with the results? I’m pretty sure I knew a guy in college who posted his test results on his bedroom door, but most people aren’t quite that forward. Qpid.me is a Los Angeles, CA based company that “makes having ‘the conversation’ about STD status easier.” They do this by giving people easy online access to their verified STD test results with the option of sharing them privately. You can see what that looks like by visiting the company’s founder’s test results.

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I think it’s kind of crazy that so much attention goes towards convincing people to get tested, and yet nobody talks about what you’re supposed to do after you get tested. It seems that a lot of people just take their partners at their word when it comes to test results. Sexual relationships will always require some level of trust, but that seems like a pretty big leap. Qpid.me not only wants to put facts over trust, but they also want to make the difficult conversations around testing a lot easier. To get a sense for how Qpid.me’s free service works, you should read their FAQ. I wasn’t able to find an answer on how Qpid.me makes money, but I have to imagine that right now they’re just focused on building a brand around changing how people approach a touchy subject. If you want to be a part of that, visit Qpid.me’s Jobs page. Right now they’re looking for an Operations Associate, and it’s a perfect position for a new or recent grad.

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