Instead of investing significantly in product development, PwC puts its effort into recruiting. This effort is evident on - PwC’s Campus Recruiting Site.

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We’ll be announcing the winner of the HP Magic Giveaway later today on the blog, so be sure to come back to see who won. Now that the contest is over, I’m digging out from under the the 1,000+ e-mails that I’ve received relating to this contest. I’ve come across a number of requests for me to feature certain companies, so I’m going to oblige our fans and start by focusing on PricewaterhouseCoopers and their entry level jobs today. In case you’re not familiar with PwC, you should know that they “provide industry-focused assurance, tax, and advisory services to build public trust and enhance value for clients and their stakeholders.” In other words they work with the biggest companies (seriously) in the world to keep things running smoothly on the back end. In fact, PricewaterhouseCoopers is the third largest privately owned organization in the US, so it makes sense that other large companies trust them. PwC is one of the Big Four (auditors), which means that they’re doing a lot better than the Big Three (auto manufacturers). That doesn’t mean that they’re not feeling the recession, but they still seem to have a very active recruiting presence. For more info on how they’re doing as a company, check out their Global Annual Review for 2008.

PwC Knows How to Tell a Story

One of the cool things about PwC is how important their people are to their bottom line. They have more than 155,000 employees, but it’s not the numbers that makes their people so important. PwC is in the business of offering services, and that means that almost all of their revenue comes directly from labor – not from selling products. This means that instead of investing significant resources into product development, PricewaterhouseCoopers puts it into recruiting. This becomes quite obvious when you take a look at – PwC’s Campus Recruiting Site. PwC doesn’t have the most fascinating story, but they sure know how to tell it. is unlike any recruiting site that I’ve seen before. It relies almost entirely on video to present PwC’s recruiting message. It might be too much (especially the music when you land on the site), but you have to love the effort. is broken up into 4 channels – Stories, features, and profiles; Surveillance cam: A look inside; Learning annex: Covering current business issues; and Corporate Responsibility. It flows well, but I’d love to see them offer a much more basic introduction. Most students who end up working for PwC are probably already familiar with them (it’s the nature of recruiting in the industry), but I still think that an intro video would be a nice segue into these high information videos.

Much of the information that would be appropriate for an intro can be found in PwC 411, which is a glorified About page for Campus Recruiting. It lays out everything that you could ever want to know about working at PwC, and it’s exactly what we think every Corporate Careers site should have. So what about the jobs? You’re not going to get specific job listings like you do on most sites, because that’s now how PwC recruits. Unlike Ernst & Young, who doesn’t allow online applications, PwC does take online applications. PwC’s entry level jobs are in Assurance, Tax, or Advisory, so you pick your area of interest and go through their web based application process. The other option is to go through campus recruiting, which is probably easily accessible because they visit so many campuses. PwC has locations all over the world, so they’ll find the right job and location for you in their selection process.

There’s a ton more info about PwC on their site, but we have limited space, so we’re going to leave the rest of the research up to you. Since PwC is so huge, we’ve only focused on their US based campus recruiting site, but if you want to check out other types of opportunities in other locations, you can start at their main Careers site.

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