Lithium recruits new grads for three positions to help them build community solutions - Software Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, and Product Analyst.

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Social media. Social media. Social media. If you’ve been spending much time on the web lately (or listening to me), then you probably keep hearing how social media is the next big thing. The only hitch is that social media isn’t new. The Internet has been social almost from its beginning – we just have new tools to make the interactions happen more easily. A lot of people will say that the next step in the growth of social media is corporate adoption. That’s why we see cutting edge companies hiring for positions like “Community Manager.” Well, what if I told you that there’s a company called Lithium that has been helping companies adopt social media for more than 10 years? You might be surprised by that, but when you start to think of social media as more than blogs, Twitter, and Facebook and start to include chat rooms, forums, and other “Web 1.0” technology, it’s not hard to imagine that the principled behind corporate adoption of social media have actually had some time to mature. Lithium is based out of Emeryville, CA, and they build “successful communities on-demand.”

Lithium Helps You Communicate

The story of Lithium is pretty interesting. The company actually spun out of when the founders realized that they had developed some pretty powerful online communications tools. Their first project was to develop and launch a forum for Dell, and since then they’ve worked with a host of impressive clients. These names include “Cingular, Comcast, Sprint, Nintendo, Symantec, and lots more.” Forums were the start, but Lithium has continued to develop a repertoire of community solutions that includes “RSS feeds, polls, integrated search, private messaging and more to interactive chat and blogs.” It’s all about empowering customers through improved communication.

I was all ready to start browsing through Lithium’s Jobs page (they have quite a few openings), when I noticed a small link to Lithium’s College Recruiting page. I decided to ignore the job listings, because Lithium says that they recruit new grads for three positions – Software Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, and Product Analyst. The first two jobs are pretty similar to what you’d expect at technical startups, but the Product Analyst job looks awesome for those of you who don’t have technical skills. Lithium’s Careers page isn’t loaded with information, but it should tell you everything you need to know to make a decision on applying. Lithium certainly looks like a fun place to work. If you want to apply, send a cover letter and resume to with “College Recruiting” and the position that you’re applying for in the subject line.

By the way, Lithium is the lightest metal and the least dense solid element. I’m not sure what that says about the company.

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