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One of the most exciting things about getting a new job is learning about the Perks. PerkSpot is a company that helps employers manage perks, and they're hiring

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Happy Veterans Day. Thank you to those of you who served or are serving our country. If you’d like to use today for job search inspiration, you may want to check out jobs at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Every job has its perks. Sometimes you have to look hard to find them, and sometimes they’re made apparent to you on your first day. A big part of the reason that I decided to intern at Orvis was that I knew I’d get a 50% discount off of everything they sold. It was awesome for someone as addicted to fly fishing as I am. As I proved, perks can be a huge recruiting tool for employers. Yet a lot of employers do a terrible job organizing, managing, and letting their employees know about perks. What’s the point in offering something if employees don’t even know it’s available to them? PerkSpot is a Chicago, IL based company that helps employers solve this problem. They have built a “proprietary technology platform” that provides “employees with a single point of access for specialty benefits, personal insurance products, and discounts on consumer goods and services.” It’s all online and in one place.

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I learned about PerkSpot when I met Chris Hill, the Founder & CEO, at a Chicago entrepreneurship event. We had a lot to talk about since we’re both working in the HR industry. What I liked about PerkSpot right off the bat is that they not only help employers organize the perks that they already offer, but they also help them find new perks to offer by linking them up with merchants. Although I haven’t seen PerkSpot’s software in action, it must be pretty good considering that Starbucks, DirecTV, AirTran, Williams-Sonoma, and CDW are all PerkSpot clients. If your ears perked up when you heard about what PerkSpot is doing, then you’ll probably want to check out their Jobs page. Right now they’re looking for a C# Web Developer and a Web Designer/UX Ninja. I know that they also have non-technical positions (just none that are open right now) because one of my other friends is a Marketing Coordinator there. So if you’re serious about getting in on the perks of working at PerkSpot’s perks, feel free to e-mail me at and I can make an intro to Chris. He’s a busy guy (and so am I), so please make sure your intro e-mail is something that I’ll feel is worth passing along.

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