Despite the fact that the luxury market isn't thriving like it was a few years ago, Niche Media still seems to be hiring.

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Some might say that high-end and luxury are always in, but if there was ever a time that they weren’t, it’s probably now. That’s not going to stop Niche Media from doing what they do. They “produce must-read, luxurious magazines that mirror the sensibilities and spirits of the unique, vibrant communities to which they cater.” Their titles include Art | Basel | Miami Beach, Aspen Peak, Bal Harbour, Boston Common, Bridgehampton Polo, Capitol File, Gotham, Hamptons, Los Angeles Confidential, Michigan Avenue, Ocean Drive, Ocean Drive Español, Philadelphia style, Style: Palazzo/The Venetian, Vegas, and Wynn. Sounds like a list of places that you’d like to go on vacation, huh? That’s the point.

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Niche Media has found their niche. They “capture a dream, coast-to-coast demographic that looks to the company’s publications for the finest in fashion, travel, food, spirits, society, party coverage and much, more.” We know that you probably secretly watch The Real Housewives of Orange County/NYC/Atlanta, so these magazines are right up your alley. Despite the fact that the luxury market isn’t thriving like it was a few years ago, Niche Media still seems to be hiring. Their Jobs page has a number of listings, including a couple that might interest new grads. We’re particularly interested in the two Account Executive jobs in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Boston. The job descriptions say that they’re looking for “2 years experience in local luxury publications, B to B publications and newspapers,” which is certainly something that you could have gained in college at a campus daily or other publications. There are a couple of other jobs located in New York City, but they aren’t entry level.

UPDATE:This Gawker article was brought to my attention after today’s e-mail sent out. Nice Media doesn’t appear to be the most stable environment, but it still might offer some interesting opportunities for new grads.

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