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Once you’re familiar with what New York Magazine is all about, you can check out their Jobs page which has some freelance opportunities right now.

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These days a magazine’s website is absolutely essential to its success. Many are saying that there’s a day not too far off when most of the magazines that we know and love won’t be published in hard (soft?) copy and will only be found online. Things are changing, but some magazines seem better suited to weather the changes than others. New York Magazine is one of those that seems to be keeping up with where the industry is going. gets well over a million unique visitors per month, and that’s excluding the month that they published nude photos of Lindsey Lohan when their traffic increased by 2,000%. (No, we’re not going to link to them. You can find them yourself). New York Magazine “covers, analyzes, comments on and defines the news, culture, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and personalities that drive New York City” on a weekly basis. Basically it’s everything New York.

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If you want to work for New York Magazine, you should probably start reading. I can’t think of a better way to prepare for a job with a content publisher than knowing the content that they publish. You might also want to check out Wikipedia’s page on New York Magazine since New York Magazine, like most magazines, doesn’t provide much information about themselves on their website. One thing that seems to be unique about New York Magazine is that they’re not part of a huge media conglomerate (as far as I can tell). There are so many magazines that are owned by companies that publish dozens and dozens of magazines, but New York Magazine doesn’t appear to be one of them.

Once you’re familiar with what New York Magazine is all about, you can check out their Jobs page. Their listings are kind of sparse right now, but they do have freelance opportunities for Web/Interaction Designers and Copy Editors. These job postings may be a bit outdated, but they’re still posted, so it’s worth inquiring about them. At the very least it’s a chance to learn about other jobs that they might have available right now. The application details depend on which position you’re applying for, so head over to New York Magazine’s Jobs page for al of the details.

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