New York City's Ignighter might be responsible for the next big step forward in online dating, and they're hiring.

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Online dating has come a long way – from picking people up in chat rooms to having a computer find your perfect match. Considering the reaction that many people still give when you talk about online dating, it has a long way to go yet. New York City’s Ignighter might be responsible for the next big step forward. They provide a free online dating service… for groups. That means that they’ll match you and your boys with someone and her girls and vice versa or however else you want to do it. You can all go out together and see what happens. Instead of worrying about ending up on a date with a psycho killer, you have to worry about going on a date with a bunch of psycho killers – and even if that happens, you have some friends to back you up. What a relief! This idea might just be crazy enough to work.

Ignight Your Job Search… or Your Love Life

Ignighter appears to be a pretty new startup, so there’s not all that much information out there about them. There are almost no links on their home page, but we’ve managed to dig up some more info on their site, which you’ll find below. You may also want to check out the coverage that Ignighter has received on TechCrunch and in The Wall Street Journal. They have $1.2 million in venture capital funding, and although they don’t appear to have gone on a hiring spree just yet, hopefully they will soon. Right now their Jobs page only has one opening for a part-time Professional Writer, but it looks like an awesome chance to work your way into a position that will grow to full-time. There’s also the opportunity to work your way into a full-time position through their PHP Development Internship. I see a lot of potential for growth here, so if you do too, send a resume and cover letter to

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