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If you take a look at Hyland Software’s Job openings, you’ll see a number of opportunities that are appropriate for someone at the entry level.

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I’ve been running a business for almost three years now, and I don’t think that I have a single paper document that I couldn’t throw out tomorrow. Everything is on my computer. It may be a mess of e-mails, Word files, PDFs, and Excel sheets, but it’s all here on my hard drive (and backed up too). Luckily my company isn’t very document intensive, but plenty of businesses and organizations like banks, hospitals, and government offices are overloaded with documents. They need a way to manage them, and Hyland Software offers a software product called OnBase to do just that. The company is based in Westlake, OH, and they are in the business of content management systems (although not the kind that run websites). I got the tip on Hyland from a reader who works in Career Services, and she said that although they have a Midwest headquarters, they have taken on a West Coast attitude.

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Hyland Software’s story is pretty cool, and it explains why Hyland Software has been able to maintain a unique culture for all of these years. Here it is:

Packy Hyland, Jr., visited a bank in Wisconsin one day in 1991 to learn about what kind of records management technology the bank was looking for. The bank’s president asked Packy his opinion of a competitor’s product.

“I could write it better and cheaper,” Packy told the president while the competitor looked on in shock. The president (not knowing that Packy had never written a line of computer code in his life) gave Packy two weeks to come up with what he promised – a better and cheaper solution. Packy then left the bank and went straight to the library to get some books on computer programming.

Packy delivered what he promised. It’s his gritty resolve that defines how we continue to approach our work. Some may call us stubborn and persistent, but that scrappy, smart and dedicated attitude is what drives us to succeed and keeps our clients happy.

It’s a really cool story, but it doesn’t quite explain why they have slides (ones you go down, not PowerPoint) in their office. I’ll leave it up to you guys to answer that mystery. And to do that, you’ll probably need to land a job with Hyland Software. If you head over to their Jobs site, you’ll see that their Careers branding is very different from their corporate branding. It makes sense—finance, healthcare, and government entities want boring software that does it’s job. They don’t care about slides—they may even be scared of slides. But to build boring software that works really well, you need an exciting environment to attract great people. That’s why Hyland Software’s Jobs page looks different. If you take a look at Hyland Software’s Job openings, you’ll see a number of opportunities that are appropriate for someone at the entry level. These include: Technical Writer, Junior Developer, Junior Solution Developer, Quality Assurance Associate, Technical Support Analyst, Healthcare Business Analyst, Enterprise Solution Specialist, Junior API Analyst, and a few others. Most of the positions require some sort of technical background, but there are a few options for those of you who are a little less tech savvy. You can apply for all of these positions online.

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