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If you love Earth Day and think there’s a big future in alternative energy, then you better check out Green Mountain Energy’s Careers page.

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Acute Care Pharmacy Tech II - Certified
Haymarket, VA
Travel Histotechnologist / Histology Technician
Ashburn, VA
Power-Generation Equipment Repairer (91D)
Laytonsville, MD
Planning & Control Analyst - Construction Safety & Health Officer
Arlington, VA
Cryptologic Linguist (35P)
Manassas, VA
Senior Clinical Research Associate
Fairfax, VA
Pediatric Clinical Therapist Liaison
Falls Church, VA
Staff Scientist-Immunoassay Development
Chantilly, VA
SE&I GIS Scientist
Sterling, VA
Computer and Information Research Scientist
Sterling, VA

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So, I don’t think that I’ve taken note of Earth Day since elementary school… or last year when I wrote a post about New Leaf Paper. Yes, I may seem a bit ambivalent about a holiday started by hippies, but I really do care about the environment (so much though that I’m taking a few days off next week to head out into the woods and go fishing). Today is the 40th Earth Day, and I have to say it’s amazing how far we’ve come in fighting pollution. In fact, we’ve come so far that we’re now more concerned with the gas that we all exhale than toxic waste and acid rain. A big portion of the environmentalist movement’s attention now seems to be focused on finding alternative sources of energy, which seems to make sense. One company that is enabling environmentalist consumers to make more conscious choices about energy consumption is Austin, TX based Green Mountain Energy. Now, let’s be honest, most of you have never paid an electric bill. But when you do, wouldn’t you like to be able to choose a clean energy alternative or purchase carbon offsets? That’s what Green Mountain Energy is offering in both regulated and deregulated markets.

Put Your Energy to Good Use

Most people aren’t used to having a choice when it comes to utilities. Your faucet is always going to run with the same water, and your tv won’t work any differently no matter whom you’re buying your electricity from. However, Green Mountain Energy is working to change that attitude. They know that consumers have a conscience and want to feel good about their purchasing decisions. That’s why Green Mountain Energy has built a business on charging a premium for a cleaner alternative to what used to be a commoditized product. I doubt we’ll ever see electricity snobs who opine on the benefits of one solar plants energy over another (think wine snobs), but I’m sure you’re not too far away from hearing someone at a cocktail party brag about paying more for solar powered electricity. If you love Earth Day and think there’s a big future in alternative energy, then you better check out Green Mountain Energy’s Careers page. Right now they have 15 jobs posted, and a few look suitable for new grads. These include Retention Specialist, Bilingual Sales Rep, Bilingual Retention Specialist, Event Planner (Dallas, TX), and a number of other part-time positions.

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