Glacéau's Jobs page lists a few opportunities that might be well suited to new college grads. They have 750 employees now and seem to be adding to the ranks.

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I thought VitaminWater was one of those niche beverages that would build a cult following but never attain mass popularity. I was wrong. A $4.1 billion purchase by Coca Cola later, and Glacéau, the company that produces VitaminWater (SmartWater, VitaminEnergy, and FruitWater too), now has endorsement deals with Carrie Underwood, 50 Cent, Brian Urlacher, Shaq, David Ortiz, Carl Edwards, Tom Brady, Donovan McNabb, Tracy McGrady, David Wright, Gilbert Arenas, Tony Parker, Chauncey Billups, and many more big names; in fact, as I’m typing this and watching Olympic basketball, a VitaminWater commercial with LeBron James just came on. I guess that you can add him to the list. I can’t think of another product with such a strong endorsement team, which makes me wonder if all of these celebs and athletes are seeking out Glacéau about endorsement deals because VitaminWater is a product that they drink and love. Or maybe it’s just because Glacéau is reportedly throwing around 8-figure endorsement deals. Either way, they know how to build a brand.


In case you haven’t figured it out, Glacéau is in the business of water. It all started with a guy named Darius who was too good for tap water. He decided to make his own water (how you do that, I’m not quite sure), but the idea was for Glacéau to be “inspired by nature and enhanced by science,” kind of like many of today’s athletes. At some point adding flavor to the water came into the equation, and before you could blink, 50 Cent was in their ads. Although Glacéau has sold out to Coke, they still seem to do their own hiring. Their Jobs page (which is the only page on the site that we can link to – the rest of the site is in Flash) lists a few opportunities that might be well suited to new college grads. The best prospect is the Associate Brand Manager position in Whitestone, NY. Although an MBA is preferred, it seems to be the most “entry-level” of Glaceau’s jobs. There are also opportunities that require some experience, but may still be worth a look like the Key Account Manager (Los Angeles, CA) and Area Sales Manager (Houston, TX) jobs. Glacéau has a link to an RSS feed for their jobs, but it doesn’t work. We’d love it if it did, since Glacéau has about 750 employees and will probably be doing a lot more hiring in the future. Since you can’t subscribe, you’ll have to revisit their jobs page regularly to see what’s new at the entry-level.

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What’s your favorite Glacéau product? We like SmartWater here at One Day, One Job. Also, don’t forget to check out entry-level jobs at Alcoa. We’ve worked really hard with them to find you some great opportunities.

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