Future US' Jobs page has a number of job openings posted, and a few of them look to be perfect for new college grads.

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What do gamers, techies, musicians, and pregnant women all have in common? They are all likely to read magazines published by Future US. My favorite Future US magazine is Mac | Life, while you may favor Nintendo Power, PC Gamer, or Guitar World. I’m not sure too many of you are big fans of Pregnancy magazine, but there’s probably some of you out there too. Anyway, Future US is a media company that focuses on special-interest groups (not the kinds that politicians always say they don’t have relationships with) by publishing high quality magazines and websites.

Is Future US in Your Future?

So what’s so special about Future US? Well, they were named one of the Top Ten “Best Medium Sized Companies to Work For in America” by the Great Place to Work Institute (see theGreat Place to Work Institute’s entry-level jobs). Future US apparently has a great work environment and offers some killer benefits to its employees. Their Jobs page has a number of job openings posted, and a few of them look to be perfect for new college grads.

The most intriguing position is the Community Manager job. This is a title that didn’t exist a few years ago, but is growing more and more popular as social networking sites increase in popularity. It’s a job that is a perfect entry-level opportunity for a net savvy new grad. Future US is also looking for a Web Developer (Cake PHP and Drupal) and an Application Developer (PHP). These positions require a few years’ of coding experience, but that shouldn’t exclude new grads who have been hackers since age 12. Future US is located in San Francisco, CA and accepts applications at jobs@futureus.com.

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