Enliven Software’s Jobs page shows three opportunities that might interest new college grads - Software Engineer, Account Executive, and Telesales Specialist.

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You may have noticed that we occasionally run sponsored posts from companies who want to draw more attention to their jobs. We haven’t done that lately because we have more exciting things to tell you about like the job search training course that we’re working on, our partnership with VisualCV to help you build a killer online resume, and our soon to be announced contest where we’re giving away $6,000+ in HP and Microsoft products. When we do run sponsored posts, it’s always a pain in the butt to get paid. We have to fill out all kinds of forms and jump through lots of hoops to get a check sent. It’s quite annoying. Enliven Software is a startup based out of East Lansing, Michigan that makes the billing process a lot easier for small and medium sized companies. They’re aiming to be the “leading provider of secure, paperless electronic invoicing, online payables and electronic payment solutions.” Our Accounting function isn’t quite advanced enough to need their software yet, but I hope one day that I’ll be able to do all of my invoicing, billing, and getting paid online.

Enliven Your Career

Not to take anything away from what Enliven does, but one of the most exciting things about Enliven Software is their location. They’re based in East Lansing, Michigan, not too far from Michigan State University. We have a ton of readers from MSU, so we’re happy to bring them something local for once. We’re also happy to be featuring a company that is the future of Michigan’s economy. It’s painfully obvious that the auto industry still has a lot of change coming, and tech startups like Enliven Software hold a lot of potential for taking Michigan in a new direction. They’re already doing their best to bring more jobs to the state, and they’re also creating plenty of jobs themselves.

Right now Enliven Software’s Jobs page shows a number of opportunities that might be interesting to new college grads. Available jobs include Software Engineer, Account Executive, and Telesales Specialist. The job descriptions are quite detailed, and they sound great. You can apply for these jobs by sending a cover letter and resume in as a Microsoft Word doc or an ASCII-text file to careers@enlivensoftware.com.

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2 responses to “Enliven Software”

  1. Monica says:

    Thanks for showcasing Michigan! Companies like Enliven Software are the technological and innovation-based future of Michigan’s economy, and therefore have great potential for career growth. And having grown up in the state, I can also say that Michigan is a wonderful place to live and work – beaches, four seasons, great universities, driving distance to Chicago and Detroit – and who else can point out where they live on their hand?

    To my friends in East Lansing – have fun at the bowl game this year!

    GO BLUE!

  2. My Dad was born in Michigan, and we spend a week up North every Summer. I love it. Hopefully more companies will take Enliven’s lead.

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