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Digital Kitchen takes part in "creative mischief for progressive brands and entertainment properties," and they're hiring for a number of positions.

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As I mentioned on Monday, I’m all about creative ways to find interesting companies that might be hiring (like looking at Halloween candy labels). Sometimes the ideas that I come up with are way out there, and sometimes they’re pretty simple. As I’ve randomly discovered more and more cool companies in my neighborhood, I’ve realized that walking around town and looking at the nameplates on buildings has to be worth trying. Though I’ve only done it casually so far, I think I probably would have come across Digital Kitchen more quickly if I had taken it a bit more seriously. They’re a Chicago, IL, Seattle, WA, and Los Angeles, CA based company that takes part in “creative mischief for progressive brands and entertainment properties.” In other words they’re a creative agency that has domes some pretty cool work for some pretty big names.

What’s Cooking?

The first thing that you notice when you land on Digital Kitchen’s website is that it’s beautifully designed and intended to direct all of your focus to their work. You can see what they’ve done for HBO (True Blood), AT&T (U-Verse), Discovery Channel (Shark Week), Showtime (Dexter), and lots of other big time brands. Beyond showing off their work, Digital Kitchen doesn’t have a lot to say about itself. If you want to get a look inside their offices, you can check out their Blog, and if you want a more basic overview, you can take a look at their Wikipedia page. If you like what you see, then you’ll want to check out Digital Kitchen’s Careers page, where you’ll see that they have some really cool positions like On-Air Traffic Coordinator (Los Angeles, CA), Web Developer (Los Angeles, CA), and Interactive Content Producer (Seattle, WA). Most of these positions require some previous experience, but I think that new grads with the right backgrounds could be a good fit for all of these positions.

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