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ByAllAccounts is a Woburn, MA company that offers a technology solution that aggregates “account data from virtually any online financial source.”

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One day I aspire to have so much money that I don’t know where it all is. I’m not talking about having random $20 bills in some of my pants pockets–I mean having all kinds of financial accounts all over the place. It’s a problem that we all want to have–and, yes, it can be a problem. It’s hard to manage your money and allocate your investments properly when you don’t have a grasp of where it all is. ByAllAccounts is a Woburn, MA company that has developed a technology solution that can aggregate “account data from virtually any online financial source.” That means that they’re able to “provide transaction level detail, data quality, and custodian coverage specifically required for professional wealth managers and financial advisors.” ByAllAccounts isn’t magic–it can’t find every account that a person has–but once you link accounts in, it’s able to keep pulling in data to provide a continuous feed of the activity across all accounts.

Be Accountable

I realize that what ByAllAccounts does is pretty hard for college students and recent grads to relate to. Hearing that they are able to “electronically gather account information every night from thousands of financial institutions on liabilities, 401(k)s and 403(b)s, IRAs, 529s, separately managed accounts, annuities, trusts, hedge funds, off-shore accounts and more” probably doesn’t mean much to you, but it will. Now is the time to get smart about this stuff. Not only will it prepare you for your future wealth, but it will also prepare you for ByAllAccounts’ Jobs. Their current opportunities include Technical Relationship Manager, Sales Development Representative I, and Financial Data Specialist. The work looks really interesting, so by all accounts, check out ByAllAccounts.

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