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BELL is a Boston, MA based non-profit that aims “to transform the academic achievements, self-confidence, and life trajectories of children."

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Education is a lot like compound interest. You do way better if you get a good start (and vice versa). Apparently some states “use third grade academic performance data to predict the number of prison beds they will need in the following decade.” That’s depressing, but it makes sense and tells us a lot about how important the first few years of school are. If children are already behind at such an early age, how will they ever catch up? BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life) is a Boston, MA based non-profit that has some answers. They aim “to transform the academic achievements, self-confidence, and life trajectories of children living in under-resourced, urban communities.” This is done through after-school and summer educational experiences that are designed to help kids catch up during the time that they’re not in school (apparently the lack of summer learning opportunities explains “2/3 of the academic achievement gap between children from low-income communities and their higher-income peers”).

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BELL got its start at Harvard (a place that one might associate with education). A gropu of Black and Latino law students were working on a community service project, and it blossomed into something much bigger. In the first year they served 20 students. Now they serve more than 15,000 students annually in communities across the country. You can learn more about BELL’s Programs here, and you can also see the kinds of results that they’ve delivered over the years. If you’re a numbers person, they have stats. And if you prefer stories, they have those too. If the stories (or numbers) speak to you, check out BELL’s Jobs page. There are a ton of opportunities posted for After School positions (in a variety of cities), but there also HQ positions like Development Operations Associate and Regional Recruitment Coordinator.

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